Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Men's Hoop Earrings - Tips for Buying Hoops for Him

Although men claim that their fashion hardly ever changes, history has shown that simply isn’t true. At one point, men used to wear hosiery and high heels. In today’s time, however, those are considered to be the domain of women. Men didn’t used to wear earrings and considered them to be a derogatory fashion statement. Again, today, that has all changed. Not only have men embraced earrings it is now unusual to see a man who is not wearing some kind of ear adornment. The most popular types of earrings worn by men today are diamond studs and mens hoop earrings.

Men's Hoop Earrings

If you are in a position where you have to buy earrings for a man, there are a few things to keep in mind. Even though a lot of men are wearing earrings today, they are not interested in being overt about as like women are. Unless they are into the piercing scene as some young men are, generally they like to keep the bling to a low level. Therefore, if you purchase mens hoop earrings then you will want to get them small. Large ones will likely make him feel like a woman and he will not wear them.

Friday, December 13, 2013

New Year Celebrations With Yourmensjewelry.com

Unless your man does not share the likes and dislikes of most men, your man will smile upon receiving any of the jewelry items found on this website. The products pictured on this website display the characteristics that attract the typical man to a piece of jewelry.

About Yourmensjewelry Store

Here you will find onyx jewelry, gold jewelry dotted with diamonds and black onyx gemstones. A man does not shy away from displaying an onyx ring or an onyx bracelet. This website also has another gem, a gemstone that men readily “accept,” whenever it appears in a piece of jewelry. That gem is a deep blue sapphire.

Now stores do carry sapphire jewelry, but due to the demand for that jewelry, it tends to be rather expensive. By ordering any of the sapphire jewelry that can be purchased from this website, the online shopper has managed to save a good deal of money.

The owners of this website appreciate the time and place for stylish men’s jewelry. Therefore, this website offers a diverse array of watches, key chains, cuff links and tie studs. The owners of this website also realize that any man who owns some jewelry needs a masculine looking jewelry box.  He can find such an item here.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

How about Bestmilitaryjewelry.com?

While society as a whole tends to separate matters of religion and issues of concern to the military, one group of jewelers in New Jersey creates both religious and military jewelry. Pictures of items that would most interest members of the military have been posted here, www.bestmilitaryjewelry.com.

About Bestmilitaryjewelry.com
This website carries jewelry that can satisfy anyone who reports to the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. military forces—soldiers in the Army, sailors in the Navy, pilots in the Air Force, “grunts” in the USMC and even those who serve on U.S. Coast Guard cutters. This website also offers jewelry that is meant to be worn by police, firefighters and emergency medical personnel.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mens Fashion Earrings for Today’s Metrosexual Man

It is interesting how society changes. In the past, men conformed to the image of the macho man who was physically strong, didn’t cry, and wasn’t concerned with how he looked. Today, however, things have changed and society is calling for men to be very conscientious of how they dress and carry themselves. Some of this may be attributed to the internet but a lot of it may be changing genders rolls and the release of stereotypes about men and women. Whatever the reason more men than ever are wearing earrings as a way of enhancing their appearance. Here are a few tips for picking out mens fashion earrings.
Mens Fashion Earring
The fashion for today’s metrosexual man when it comes to jewelry like earrings is to be understated as possible. The dangling earrings and large hoops that women wear are still considered to be girly. Therefore, when looking for mens fashion earrings, look for things that are small and unobtrusive. Stud earrings are popular for this exact reason. They sit in the ear but do not call attention to themselves. They augment the man’s appearance and give him a worldly air. At the same time, they are understated and do not make him look feminine.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Ann Urkov Jewelry

Ann Urkov jewelry is very special indeed and the reasons for that are obvious. All of her pieces of jewelry are individually in creation by hand and no two pieces of jewelry are the exact same as the other. If you see a specific jewelry piece online, you will receive that piece. Because customer satisfaction comes first and a customer cannot help but be satisfied when they get an Ann Urkov original jewelry design.
Ann Urkov Jewelry Collection
Ann Urkov jewelry pieces are simply gorgeous wonders. They are made from freshwater pearls, precious and semi-precious gemstones, Swarovski crystal, gold-filled beads, sterling silver, and findings, which makes them what they sure to be in design. So only, the very best is what goes into this jewelry so that others can get the very best out of it when they adorn them.
Ann Urkov Jewelry
Ann Urkov jewelry has a magical something about them. This magic will captivate the person who does either buy one of her designs as a gift for someone else or just for themselves personally. Does this magical thing come from the presence of the precious and semi-precious stones which are in saying to have magical qualities that are all distinctly their own. Every precious and semi-precious gemstone has its own allure and pull for those who appreciate them.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Important Qualities of Men's Bracelets

Men’s bracelets have a long history of use, dating back to the charm bracelets of ancient Egyptians and the decorated bracelets of ancient Greek and Latin civilizations. In modern urban society, men’s bracelets are increasingly becoming a part of men’s fashion and a variety of bracelets are available in attractive designs at most of the jewelry shops. However, men’s bracelets mostly differ from those of women in both ornamental detail and the overall build of the bracelet. Men’s bracelets tend to be simpler, studier, and less detailed than women’s bracelets. The choice of a particular men’s bracelet depends on individual taste but also on cultural influences and the customer’s budget for jewelry.

Gold Men's Bracelets

Bracelets have traditionally been associated with women of fashion for formal and casual wear. However bracelets have been worn by men since the time of the ancient Egyptians. Pharaohs of ancient Egypt wore charm bracelets, which were considered lucky and effective against evil forces. At that time, charm bracelets were also considered as indicators of a person’s prosperity in life. In the ancient Greek civilization, men’s bracelets were worn both by soldiers and laymen. Men’s bracelets of Geek and Latin civilizations were often decorated with precious stones.

In modern times, bracelets have become quite popular among men, especially young men, over the past few decades and today men’s bracelets are on the hot list of many fashion catalogues. Like women’s bracelets, men usually tend to wear bracelets to complement other jewelry items like a watch or a ring. The choice of men’s bracelets, however, differs from that of women’s in some regards.

In general, men prefer to pick bracelets that are simpler and sturdier than those usually worn by women. The choice of course reflects the masculinity of the wearer. Simple bracelets for men do not carry many (or any at all) gems and/or ornate designs on the bracelet’s surface. Some men may not strictly adhere to this quality while choosing their bracelet. Most customers, however, prefer men’s bracelets that closely fit around the wrist and do not dangle or slide along the arm during movements.

Men’s bracelets vary widely in size, depending on the actual size of the customer’s hand. Big and chunky bracelets are the prime choice of most men. Metal bracelets with a chain-link are the ideal masculine type of men’s bracelets. Thick Silver chains are more befitting for men’s use than delicate golden ones. However, sports enthusiasts also wear beaded or woven bracelets on special sporting occasions.

Leather is becoming increasingly popular for making men’s jewelry items. Leather bracelets for men are available in a variety of shades and designs. In leather bracelets too, the choice of color is mostly restricted to black and brown. Simplicity is the preferred criterion for men among leather bracelets as well. The best show among leather bracelets comes in the form of braided leather bracelets.

Onyx Men's Bracelets

The choice of men’s bracelets is frequently influenced by the customer’s budget and culture. Many Indian men, for example, like to wear a bangle (known in the local language as Kada) around their wrists. Metal bracelets usually cost more and bracelets with gems, especially diamonds, are still enjoyed mostly by men of class. The styles in men’s bracelets keep changing with time.

Lately there has been a resurgence of cuff style bracelets for men. It is preferred for its more masculine look and feel. Engravings one’s name or initials on a bracelet gives it a more personalized look. That is why many jewelry shops abundantly display customized charm bracelets